Event loop friendly C++ actor micro-framework
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NrotorBasic namespace for all rotor functionalities
 NasioNamespace for boost::asio adapters for rotor
 NevNamespace for ev adapters for rotor
 NmessageNamespace for rotor core messages (which just transform payloads)
 NpayloadNamespace for rotor core payloads
 NthreadNamespace for pure thread backend (supervisor) for rotor
 NwxNamespace for wxWidgets adapters for rotor
 Cactor_base_tUniversal primitive of concurrent computation
 Cactor_config_builder_tCRTP actor config builder
 Cactor_config_tBasic actor configuration: init and shutdown timeouts, etc
 Caddress_mapping_tNAT mechanism for rotor
 Caddress_tMessage subscription and delivery point
 Ccancelation_tRequest cancellation payload
 Ccontinuation_tContinue handler invocation (used for intercepting)
 Cextended_error_tHolds string context, error_code and the pointer to the following error
 Chandler_base_tBase class for rotor handler, i.e concrete message type processing point on concrete actor
 Chandler_intercepted_tProxies call to the original hanlder, applying tag-specific actions
 Chandler_t< Handler, std::enable_if_t< details::is_actor_handler_v< Handler > > >Actor handler meant to hold user-specific pointer-to-member function
 Chandler_t< Handler, std::enable_if_t< details::is_plugin_handler_v< Handler > > >Handler specialization for plugin
 Chandler_t< lambda_holder_t< Handler, M >, std::enable_if_t< details::is_lambda_handler_v< lambda_holder_t< Handler, M > > > >Handler specialization for lambda handler
 Chandler_traitsHelper class to extract final actor class and message type from pointer-to-member function
 Chandler_traits< lambda_holder_t< M, H > >Handler decomposer for lambda-based handler
 Chandler_traits< void(A::*)(M &) noexcept >Helper class to extract final actor class and message type from pointer-to-member function
 Chandler_traits< void(A::*)(M &)>
 Clambda_holder_tHelper struct which holds lambda function for processing particular message types
 Cmessage_base_tBase class for rotor message
 Cmessage_tGeneric message meant to hold user-specific payload
 Cplugin_storage_base_tAbstract item to store plugins inside actor
 Cplugin_storage_tTemplated plugin storage implementation
 Cregistry_tKeeps name-to-service_address mapping at runtime
 Crequest_base_tBase class for request payload
 Crequest_builder_tBuilder pattern implentation for the original request
 Crequest_curry_tRecorded context, which is needed to produce error response to the original request
 Crequest_traits_tType helper to deduce request/reqsponce messages from original (user-supplied) request type
 Crequest_unwrapper_tOptionally unwwraps request type from intrusive pointer
 Crequest_unwrapper_t< intrusive_ptr_t< T > >Request_unwrapper_t specialization for intrusive pointer of T
 Crequest_wrapper_tOptionally wraps request type into intrusive pointer
 Crequest_wrapper_t< T, std::enable_if_t< std::is_base_of_v< arc_base_t< T >, T > > >Request_wrapper_t specialization for refcounted item
 Cresponse_helper_tGeneric helper, which helps to construct user-defined response payload
 Cresponse_helper_t< intrusive_ptr_t< Responce > >Specific helper, which helps to construct intrusive pointer to user-defined response payload
 Cspawner_tAllows automatically restart actors
 Csubscription_container_tList of subscription_info_ptr_t with possibility to find via subscription_point_t
 Csubscription_info_tsubscription_point_t with extended information (e.g. state)
 Csubscription_point_tPair of handler_base_t linked to particular address_t
 Csubscription_tHolds and classifies message handlers on behalf of supervisor
 Csupervisor_config_builder_tCRTP supervisor config builder
 Csupervisor_config_tBase supervisor config, which holds shutdown timeout value
 Csupervisor_tSupervisor is responsible for managing actors (workers) lifetime
 Csystem_context_tThe system context holds root supervisor_t (intrusive pointer) and may be loop-related details in derived classes
 Ctimer_handler_base_tBase class for timer handler
 Ctimer_handler_tTemplated implementation of timer handler
 Cwrapped_request_tTemplated request, which is able to hold user-supplied payload
 Cwrapped_request_t< T, std::enable_if_t< std::is_base_of_v< arc_base_t< T >, T > > >Wrapped request specialization, when the request should be wrapped into intrusive pointer
 Cwrapped_response_tTrackable templated response which holds user-supplied response payload
 Chash< rotor::address_ptr_t >Hash calculator for address
 Chash< rotor::handler_ptr_t >Hash calculator for handler
 Cis_error_code_enum< rotor::error_code_t >
 Cis_error_code_enum< rotor::shutdown_code_t >